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Light Blossom

September 21, 2016
Light Blossom Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

Light Blossom Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

We Landed  in Abu Dhabi  late at night  so there was not much to see out the taxi as we rode into the city.  As i Peered into the darkness I didn’t really see much  of a city  like I knew.  Everything seemed pretty spaced out and major highway like roads separated  each major building we passed.  Seeing our  hotel  in  the distance we  wrapped around it on the highway and  then  pulled off into a tunnel coming  up in front of the building  and the  Taxi came to a stop  at the front of the hotel.  I got out of the Cab and noticed again  just  how  warm it was  for the middle of the night but the thought quickly disappeared as I  stepped into  the cool air of the hotel.  The hotel  sat on the  edge  of the Persian Gulf so there was a lot of windows  that were all black now  due to the deep of night.  We had  booked every thing under my GFs name so she checked us in as I walked around the lobby  photographing it without other guest.

Opening the door to the room, it was large,  with the far wall  being a floor to ceiling window,  My GF Ran over  to the  blinds and  pulled them apart  only to be starring  out in to the same endless blackness over the water.  I hadn’t  slept  the entire 14 hour  flight so I tipped  the bellhop ate some food  and then fell a sleep immediately as  my Gf  explored the room reading the hand written welcome note  the hotel left her.

This Image  is  from the Hotel  it is one of the Light Fixtures  on the ceiling.  I like  how it looked  like a flower blossom opening, except  this time  since it is made of wood it has  a more ridged Structure  to it.  But in the end  this image is all about the  range of Values in the monotone color and  the way the composition is Cropped

This Way to Ground Transportation

September 20, 2016
This way to Ground Transportation Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

This way to Ground Transportation Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

When I booked my Trip this  year  I was really excited to go some where exotic and adventurous.  What I was not excited about was the crazy long flights to get   there.  The First  stop on our Trip  was Abu Dhabi  in the UAE, and we   stopped there because every flight i looked up  to get to Nepal  had a layover  in the UAE.  So  to get to Nepal we would have to fly 14 hours to Abu Dhabi,  have a 6 hour lay over,   then another 5 hours to Nepal.  I Couldn’t  do it  after flying 14 hours there is no way I would get on another plane a few hours  later  so we choose to spend a day and a half in Abu Dhabi,   more  just to break up all the flying.

Finally  on the long Plane ride there  and  able to relax  I laid back and tried to sleep  but I have never been able to sleep  while airborne  for any sustained amount of time. I watched a marathon of super hero movies as  the cabin went completely dark and every one  started falling a sleep  (a 10 pm Departure  so middle of the night flight).   About 4 hours into the flight  the flight staff comes over the PA  and say  “Is  there a Doctor on the plane, if  you are a Doctor or  Medical Nurse  Please  notify staff and  provide Credentials”  I had  pulled  my head phones out  and looked around  to see  what was happening  or if any one was getting up, but  nothing  every one was still stone a sleep.  At that point I started to  just hope that it was not so bad that they needed to turn the plane around  but the plane just  roared along and  the rest of the flight went  smoothly.  We landed and  pulled to a stop in the middle of the Tarmak so I knew we would be deboarding by stairs  and walking or taking a bus  in, which i personally love.   when I stepped  out of the front hatch like door on the plain and stepped out on to the stairs I was hit  with a hot  gust of  air in the middle of the night.  I looked  out over the airport  and then followed my GF  down the stairs.

As I looked down to the bus  we had to board I really  liked  the woman in front of my GF so stopped quickly and leaned  to  my  left to try and get as much of the woman as I could  while  still getting the bus.  If I could have  got this image with out the elbow and  just  that woman cleanly in front  it would have been a  near perfect  shot for me. I love how the flight staff  forms a  path to the bus.  I also love  how  you can see in to the bus and it has a faint glowing light around  the door.  I could Crop off the dead space on the  left  but I feel like  it helps create a good composition and is  not distracting because it falls off in to empty shadow

Steel wings of Flight

September 19, 2016
The Steel Wing of Flight Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

The Steel Wing of Flight Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

During August I was luckily enough to be able to travel internationally  to the UAE, Nepal and Japan. I usually try to save all my  money to  do some traveling and this  Time was  the first I was traveling with my GF.   we were originally  planning to go to peru but  couldn’t get  it all booked in time so we booked this trip kind of at the last min, and it was an adventure from the very start.  We had  met at my house 2 1/2 hours before the flight and  took a cab to JFK airport.  when we got to the airport  the line to check in for our flight was crazy long, like traveling at xmas  long.  we  went to the back of the line and waited as  we inched closer and closer to the front.  We  got to the counter   with an hour and 5 mins  to our flight and we hand  the woman our passports, Mine a blue american one and Red Japanese  one for my GF.

The woman  prints our tickets and  thumbs  through our passports  and then  looks up,

“ok  and Visa?” “Visa?!?  I checked with the State Department  just a week ago  and they said I didn’t need a Visa for the UAE”  I tell the woman

“No for her”  the woman points at my GF.   I  became  completely  panicked  because  I don’t  know all the laws for Japan.  I ask her  didn’t you say you check  say you checked and it was ok?  ANd she says  Yes  she  had  been there before without a Visa.  The Woman  at the counter looks Puzzled and   leaves to  go get her supervisor.   I started  going over the opinions  in my mind.  Do we  just meet  back up in Japan  or  do I need to  be  the good BF  and  say  hey babe if your not going i’m not going.

The woman  comes back with  another woman  and  shows  her our passports and  our flights.  The new  woman  says Ohhh  Japanese are fine  to go to the UAE   for 30 days with out a visa and  the  woman  checking us in says  ok and and finishes checking us  through  and points us towards  Security  with 40 mins left to get to our plane.

The Line for Security was equally long  and I while they are checking my passport at the end of the line I ask them  if we will be able to make our flight  or if  they  could   move us  up in line.  The guard seemed very confident that we would make it to the front of the line  although he didn’t seem to put much thought into it.  we waited as the line grinder forward as I stripped  down  removing my belt and shoes and  every  accessory.  I place  it all in  the rubber tub and  place it through the x-ray with my carry on loaded with camera gear and snacks.  I go through x-ray with out an issue  but when I go to get my bag  they ask me to step a side for extra screening.  It happens to me a lot  I  have  over 40 rolls of film stacked in a box  with lens and an iPad  I am sure it looks very suspect on a X-ray.

I let him pull it apart  as  my GF  starts to really worry we will miss the flight  with only 10 mins to  it leaves.  She explains  to the guard  pulling my bag apart  they we only have a few mins  can we please  go.  He continues to pull things out of my bag and just says  to her

“you can run can’t you?”

He finishes and I will say  he was nice enough to put every thing back in my bag usually they just leave it all on the table and its on you to repack.  He  Repacks  and  hands me back my back  ” Better hurry” he says

I throw the bag on my back and we run down the terminal and are the last people to  board the plane as the loud speaker echoes out for the last call for our plane.  When we get in our seat  my Gf  Fell a sleep right away and  I sat in my seat huffing and puffing  from our run.  The screens in the head rest  showed a camera on the front of the plane  so you could kinda watch the take-off.  The Cabin was Quiet as the plane  got to speed and left the ground, and as  it did  you could here  one little  child yell out “WoW!!! were flying”  I smiled at the innocent thought  and looked out my window.  we are flying….

Beach Spotter

September 16, 2016
Beach Spotter Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

Beach Spotter Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

This Image was from the 4th of July,   My Gf’s Friend Ryoko  said she wanted to go out to Coney Island and see the Hot Dog eating Contest.  I had  been to the event once  before and I warned  her  that NY events are  not as fun as they look on Tv, there will be hundreds if not thousands of people there.  She  said  that was fine  so we  got on the Q train in Midtown early that after noon and started to make the long ride out to the shore.  AS we made stop after stop others  got on and off  and the further down the line we got the more chatter  could be heard about coney island and the beach and the hot dog eating contest, before long  the whole train was all beach goers and I knew then it would be really crowded when we got there.  At the last stop in Manhattan a Woman  got on with her small boy  and they sat in some of the last available seats on the train.  The Train filled with light  as  the train came above ground and started crossing the Bridge into Brooklyn. The Little boy that had just  got on stood up on the bench next to his mother and started staring out the window  back at the city as  the  bridge supports flew  by  the window  until we reached the other side  and plunged  back to the dark tunnels under the city.

Taco Trailor on the Corner

September 15, 2016


This Image is from the Start of July, One of my GF’s good friends came to New York  from Japan to visit.  We had gone all the way downtown to the finical district  so she could see the Wall Street Bull, Battery Park, and The Statue of Liberty.  We  rode the Staten Island Ferry across to get a good look at the statue  in the Harbor, and when we return  we started walking towards south street sea port  for  dinner.  Right before the sea port we  passed by a small parking lot on the side of a building  with a shiny silver air stream Camper  parked in it.  We crossed the street  to check it out,  the parking lot had a short chain fence around it  with  tables and chairs to sit  at. The building next to the lot was a clean  plain white with  just a single black mask on it with El Lucador  written above it.  We stepped in to the small building and  it was a taco and burrito shop. We decided to eat there  ordering a number of Tacos and  Mexican Coke, then taking it out  to the side lot to eat as we watched the sun set.  The Air stream trailer  was additional seating  but had  kids  running in and out of it  while they waited for the parents to finish eating. I really liked the coloring  in this image and the leading lines  of  lights trailing down  to the neon sign  on the air stream.  The  neon sign  on the airstream sets a scene on its own to me and I wish I could have included more  but there was people  walking around and sitting in front of  it  because tacos were a popular choice that  night.

I’m Ready For My Close Up

September 14, 2016
I'm Ready for my Close Up Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

I’m Ready for my Close Up Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

Come Sail Away

September 13, 2016
Come Sail Away Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

Come Sail Away Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

This Image was Taken at the boat pond in Central park.  For a fee  you can  go to a hut and rent  one of these  boats to sail around the pond for a while.  It is  usually a small child standing at the ponds edge with either  a couple of there friends standing on either side  or  their parents.   As I walked  around the edge of the pond on my way  home this was the only boat on the water and The light was in its golden time.  I liked  how  this small boat was sailing into a mini sun set on the water.  The Boat also contrast well against the dark water and really makes it the point of focus.  I would have liked the water a little more still so the ripples of the boat were a little more defined  but the wind was blowing  and thats  something you have  no control over

When Every Thing Falls in Line

September 12, 2016


Well  its  been a  little bit since I posted last  but  its  brand new week and  time to get  back to  posting on the regular.  The last  month I was lucky enough  to get to do some travel both internationally and domestically  so I will have  post of  that coming up  but this image seemed  the best to start off  the week.   This Image was taken on July 11th, when the  SunSet Perfectly along  the line of the street and between the buildings  also known as Manhattanhenge.  Since I walk around a lot i have seen the sun set in NY  many times, and to me  some times it lines up some times it doesn’t  so  this event  usually just seems like just another day to me.  How ever since  getting my  Digital camera I have been trying to take more  pictures  so I can  share  with every one   every day on here, so I  stopped and  joins the crowd  snapping photos.

Some  of the best  views  of this event are  down the  really wide Streets  57 or 34.  I was  standing  on 57 street  when I captured this image  and  there was about 40-50 people on the corners waiting  for the light  to change so they could walk into the middle of the street and get the perfect shot, much to the dismay of the drivers wanting to turn there.  The bus on the  left hand side of the shot  is  blocking  a lot of the people on the avenue I was standing on  but if you look far down the street to the next Avenue  you will see another line of people taking the same picture

On The Edge of Amber Waves

July 14, 2016
On the Edge of Amber Waves Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

On the Edge of Amber Waves Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore


A Hole in The Wall

July 13, 2016
A Hole in The Wall Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

A Hole in The Wall Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

This is another shot from Storm King in NY.  This  may look like a regular old stone wall but it was actually another sculpture.  One of the best parts of Storm king is the curation  of the sculpture with the land its self.  So  in this  case this Sculpture is of a very long stone wall  that runs down this hill and  through the middle of a lake, then comes out the other side and starts forming Waves shapes.  The lake was the interesting part to me, having it run into the water and come out the other side.  Honestly at first  when i just saw the wall on the hill and run into the lake I thought  the wall was  very old and the land had  just sunk over time forming the lake,  but i was told later  that it was designed like that as  an art piece.