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The Lone Viewer

September 29, 2016
The Lone Viewer Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

The Lone Viewer Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

This IMage Is from the Top Floor lounge  at  the Jumeirah At Etihad Towers.  I really like having  the window frame crate  that nice  framing in the shot although it’s not always easy to get them squared up in the frame and still get the subject  you want.

We had  run  all over  town  and I felt very disappointed in what we had seen so far and  more so the fact that I hadn’t taken any pictures  so  it was nice to be back at the hotel and just relaxing, and even better  when I felt like I got some good shots up  in this Lounge.  When we  booked  our  trip to Abu Dhabi my GF was excited because she loves Sex in the City and wanted to see the hotel  they  were at  in  the second movie. One of the  problems we had  though was  the hotel was so nice  that  you couldn’t just  go in  it was all fenced in with guards  and you could only enter the grounds if you were staying there or  if you had something to do there.  Coming back down from the lounge we  spoke with the concierge and had  him make us a reservation for High tea.  After a short time relaxing in the room we  hopped in a taxi and headed over to the Emirates Palace for tea.

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