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September 26, 2016
Alone in the Palace Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

Alone in the Palace Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

I had not Done much Planning  for my trip this year, and the few times I had looked up Abu Dhabi it didn’t seem like there was much to see  it  was more hospitality, shopping and just relaxing  kinda place.  On the way back from breakfast  My Gf  stopped to ask the concierge what she should see  and more so  if there was a Souk (open air Bazaar).

The concierge  said there wasn’t a Souk  but there was a fish market and Carpet market, and then  there was an indoor market  at the World Trade Center. We Decided to  try and see them all and went and grabbed our things from our room and  jumped in a Taxi.   I told the  Taxi driver  we wanted to go to the fish market and he looked puzzled and I showed him on a Map the concierge  had gave me,  The driver  still looked a little puzzled but  said ok and we headed out.    About 15 mins later we were driving  near a pier area and the taxi pulled up to a chain fence  with not to much else around.  The taxi driver says this is it  the pier  and  points to a plain looking concrete building  thats it over there.  I say ok and pay  him and  we  start walking  over to the building.  it was only  about a block away  but the heat was  Brutal  over 105  degrees  and I was  so  glad to walk into the building and be greeted  with  some cool air  even though it came with a fishy Oder.  Entering the building it was  a large open warehouse  with about 40 Vendors all with Tilted  ice filled stalls   displaying  their fish. We stuck out  like soar thumbs and from the moment we walked into the space we had  people  coming up to  us  asking us to  come  over to their  stall and see their  fish.   It didn’t help that there were only about 4 other people there to buy fish, so the vendors we really aggressive to make a sale.  We walked around the space   felling we  didn’t want to miss something   just because it didn’t appear interesting right from the start.

We  walked around the space and  had  vendors on either side asking us to stop and look or even taste  there   fresh  fish.  I kept thinking  you’re  barking up the wrong tree,  does it  look like I  I am from here and  have some where to  go back and cook fish, but I politely  repeated no no   just looking or not now, as the next  guy would come up and ask, and some  trailed behind us  asking in unrelenting fashion. It was not a visually stimulating place  but I could have gotten some  good pictures  but  its  very difficult for me to shoot in my street   style if I am the center of attention.  I didn’t take a SIngle  pic in the short time we were there  because it felt uncomfortable with people trying to hawk thing to me.  We left and  decided to  head  over  to the carpet  market, but more about that tomorrow…..

This Image is From The Hotel Across  The Street That we visited Later and as we walked around the property  I just loved the way the light was pouring  between in through the marble support Columns. I stopped to take a shot  as my Girlfriend  Kept Walking and  as I turned back around  I saw her a ways  down the hall lifting her  hair off her neck from the heat.  Her  White Dress Contrast  Great Against the Dark Shadow  of the hall way that lead back into the hotel

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