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This Way to Ground Transportation

September 20, 2016
This way to Ground Transportation Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

This way to Ground Transportation Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

When I booked my Trip this  year  I was really excited to go some where exotic and adventurous.  What I was not excited about was the crazy long flights to get   there.  The First  stop on our Trip  was Abu Dhabi  in the UAE, and we   stopped there because every flight i looked up  to get to Nepal  had a layover  in the UAE.  So  to get to Nepal we would have to fly 14 hours to Abu Dhabi,  have a 6 hour lay over,   then another 5 hours to Nepal.  I Couldn’t  do it  after flying 14 hours there is no way I would get on another plane a few hours  later  so we choose to spend a day and a half in Abu Dhabi,   more  just to break up all the flying.

Finally  on the long Plane ride there  and  able to relax  I laid back and tried to sleep  but I have never been able to sleep  while airborne  for any sustained amount of time. I watched a marathon of super hero movies as  the cabin went completely dark and every one  started falling a sleep  (a 10 pm Departure  so middle of the night flight).   About 4 hours into the flight  the flight staff comes over the PA  and say  “Is  there a Doctor on the plane, if  you are a Doctor or  Medical Nurse  Please  notify staff and  provide Credentials”  I had  pulled  my head phones out  and looked around  to see  what was happening  or if any one was getting up, but  nothing  every one was still stone a sleep.  At that point I started to  just hope that it was not so bad that they needed to turn the plane around  but the plane just  roared along and  the rest of the flight went  smoothly.  We landed and  pulled to a stop in the middle of the Tarmak so I knew we would be deboarding by stairs  and walking or taking a bus  in, which i personally love.   when I stepped  out of the front hatch like door on the plain and stepped out on to the stairs I was hit  with a hot  gust of  air in the middle of the night.  I looked  out over the airport  and then followed my GF  down the stairs.

As I looked down to the bus  we had to board I really  liked  the woman in front of my GF so stopped quickly and leaned  to  my  left to try and get as much of the woman as I could  while  still getting the bus.  If I could have  got this image with out the elbow and  just  that woman cleanly in front  it would have been a  near perfect  shot for me. I love how the flight staff  forms a  path to the bus.  I also love  how  you can see in to the bus and it has a faint glowing light around  the door.  I could Crop off the dead space on the  left  but I feel like  it helps create a good composition and is  not distracting because it falls off in to empty shadow

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