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Beach Spotter

September 16, 2016
Beach Spotter Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

Beach Spotter Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

This Image was from the 4th of July,   My Gf’s Friend Ryoko  said she wanted to go out to Coney Island and see the Hot Dog eating Contest.  I had  been to the event once  before and I warned  her  that NY events are  not as fun as they look on Tv, there will be hundreds if not thousands of people there.  She  said  that was fine  so we  got on the Q train in Midtown early that after noon and started to make the long ride out to the shore.  AS we made stop after stop others  got on and off  and the further down the line we got the more chatter  could be heard about coney island and the beach and the hot dog eating contest, before long  the whole train was all beach goers and I knew then it would be really crowded when we got there.  At the last stop in Manhattan a Woman  got on with her small boy  and they sat in some of the last available seats on the train.  The Train filled with light  as  the train came above ground and started crossing the Bridge into Brooklyn. The Little boy that had just  got on stood up on the bench next to his mother and started staring out the window  back at the city as  the  bridge supports flew  by  the window  until we reached the other side  and plunged  back to the dark tunnels under the city.

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