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Coloring in Orange

July 11, 2016
Coloring in Orange Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

Coloring in Orange Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

This Image is from Storm King, an outdoor sculptural museum  in NY just out side of the city.  Without a Car I had to take a bus  there which was not bad the only draw back is that the bus only comes a couple times a day so I was bound by its schedule.  I was walking to the far  end of the of the property and then I  was going to work my way back  to the bus, hopefully on time. While I was walking out there I saw a family of 4 looking at a sculpture. The little girl sat down and started drawing in a note book  she had,  as her brother continued to run around.  Her parents and her brother continued walking a bit  to look at another near by sculpture so I took the chance  to walk around and frame up a good shot.  I love having the bright color as a frame, It forces you to focus on  the little girl as the subject and keeps it fun and playful.  The little girl drawing with her fingers wrapped in  in a fist around the marker  just  sitting in the grass having fun is ideally perfect  to be the focus of this shot.  Even the two  tiny figures in the back look as though they are running, playing and having fun, as I hope you do today as well.

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