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Dinner, Drinking & Dancing

June 24, 2016
Dinner, Drinking & Dancing Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

Dinner, Drinking & Dancing Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

I walk past Pj Clarke’s all the time and I always look in and this night I am so glad I did.  As I walked by  the front entrance I looked in the large  window and this couple just started dancing with each other.  I always have my camera in my hand and it helped  to get it up to my eye as quick as I could as  the man just twirled the woman and I shaped the shutter as he pulled her back towards him.  Shooting at night, through windows,  on high traffic streets, getting flares and hot spots is just Inevitable, but removing the three hot spots between the couple is  one of the only things I would change about this shot.  I do feel luck with all of the things that went right in this shot though.  I love that  you can see the woman’s face and  that she’s framed by the name painted on the window.  Their even seem to be something inside causing a nice light  to fall on the woman to highlight her as the subject.  This is one shot I clearly remember taking and I was so so thankful when I was able to have it recovered from my Crashed Drive, and I wanted to save it for Fridays  post because I hope  every one has a weekend  that makes them happy enough to dance.

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