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American Business

June 23, 2016
American Business Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

American Business Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

This Image was taken shortly after yesterday’s post.  When I know I got a great shot  it really helps to get another and another.  My eye is use to  looking through the lens and it gets easier to see more opportunities.  I have noticed when I shot with my hasselbald but when I bought a digital camera last summer  I notice it even more.  Before I go out to shoot now some times I will photograph all the way  down my stair well.  Composing the stair cases and front doors  of other apartments  to just get use to looking through the lens &  get use to being in a photographing mind set. I even mentioned it slightly in the last  post I  had seen something early on this walk so I was more on the look out when I saw that man in the leather jacket & then a block later  this man.

When I walk down 5th Ave  there are buildings that have a bunch of  flags, some times in a row and they  could be a great element but they are not easy to incorporate in a shot.  When I saw these flags I had slowed the pace of my walk  and was looking through the lens at the flags.  When I did this man passed m,  his suit, and the way  he held him self  he just really worked with the flags  so I matched his pace and started walking behind him as I tried to line this shot up.  After I took this shot I sped up  because I want to take an image  from the from with the flags as well but when I got in front there was other people  in the way that prevented me from taking the shot.

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