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Sanitation On Call

March 24, 2016
Sanitation on Call Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

Sanitation on Call Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

This was a quick shot I took Last week as I was walking down 5th ave one night.  This Garbage Truck had stopped at the corner waiting to turn on to 5th, and when i looked down the street I could see the man on the end of the truck was  doing some thing on his cell while he waiting for the next  load of bags to grab.  I  pulled my camera to my eye as the light turned green I took a couple of shots. This was the best shot  although I still needed to crop a bit, just taking  some off the top and bottom.

Even though he was on the dark side of the truck  I really like the way the light is falling on him in this shot its a nice subtle fade and even all along the truck has great tone. Even though the background gets almost completely blown out I really like that  huge flood of light coming in, it really Isolates the scene.  The Mans Pose is also Great, I can’t believe he can stand like that  I would think the first bump in the road and he would be hanging off that hand hold by his elbow.

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