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A Blustery Day

March 9, 2016
A Blustery Day Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

A Blustery Day Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

This Image was Taken as I was Walking to work One Morning.  When you are in Art School  you are required to take art History and  in general you hear a lot of stories  about artist or the way they worked.  One Story that always stuck with me was about Claude Monet,  During his Career  he would do Studies of Light.  These Studies would  be in the form of Painting the same Scene  over and over again  but at different times of day and Different Times of the Year.  The Set I am most familiar with is of  two Hay Stacks in the Middle of a field. He painted it in summer in winter  in the morning and night.  Its A project that I have always wanted to replicate in some form in Photography.

Since Moving Down to Work at Herald square I have started taking a picture when I pass  this street.  I Like this intersection because a lot of interesting people walk by and I like the general setting of having the Chrysler building  in the distance.  This Day it happened to be really bad weather.  Of course the Weather is what  makes this shot, the wind was blowing so hard the woman in the image was fighting to use her umbrella in a functional way.  I like how you can clearly see the air is full of snow whipping all around  and I really like the flare off the head lights from the oncoming cars.  They  light up the scene and give the subject an outline that allows her to separate from the background

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