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You Won’t Believe What I’m Seeing

February 2, 2016
You won't Believe this Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

You won’t Believe this Copyright 2016 Bryan Moore

When  New York had its Big Blizzard the other week, I went out  during the day to photograph or at least try too but  the fast Pelting snow soon grew too much to  take until that evening.  During my time out though I saw a  number of the people that were out, were Facetimeing (Video Chating) with some one else likely in a warmer Climate that they can stun with the conditions.  Seeing these people walk around trying to talk while being assaulted by snow reminded me of the on the scene News reports that they  send into hurricanes and tornadoes so they can  show people  its really Happening.

You would expect extreme weather to be easier to  depict than it is, during my time out I shot a number of frames and  in most of them you can barley tell its snowing at all,  However that’s  what makes me like this Image. You can see the snow in the air  in the background, as well as the subjects  tight  slightly hunched  posture as  she walks into the cold wind attempting  to snag the evidence of her frozen adventure

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