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Antelope Canyon, Mount up

October 7, 2015
Antelope Canyon, Mount Up Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

Antelope Canyon, Mount Up Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

After a Full Day of Walking around Las Vegas  the Next  Stop on my South west trip Was Arizona to See Antelope Canyon or the Slot Canyons. When ever  I have  thought about going there I always  thought you just  show up and pay the national Park fee and then just walked where ever you want, but sadly that is not the case.   If you Plan to go to the Slot Canyons  you will need to do some planing a head of time and book a guided tour to take you thru the Canyons.

I was told  you could walk around  on your own till about 1996  when there was a flash flood  due to hit the Canyons which would put any one in the canyon at high risk.  The Rangers evacuated every one from the canyon  but  after the rangers went thru at least 11 people decided to not heed the warning and drove back and reentered the Canyons and ended up dying in the flood.  it’s always a shame when experiences have to change due to people  not listening to advice from experts on the subject.

Regardless  now you need a guide  to take you into the Canyon  so we   got on a tour with about 15  other people, to head out to the Upper Canyon.  you  turn in your ticket and are loaded  into the back of a Pick-up truck with  seats modified into the bed of the truck as can be seen on the right of this Image.  Its then about a 20 min Drive to the site half on city streets and half thru rough desert terrain. There is at least 5  companies that offer  trips out to the Upper Canyon during the day  all of which send groups about every 30 mins so the Canyon is constantly full of people.

The Image above was taken as  my Group Headed to the Truck at the end of the tour.  I liked this image  as  just a good story telling piece.  My next post will all be of the Canyon its self  but in those I shot so as to try not to include people for the most part  so I wanted to show that you are there with a group and  out in this desert type setting, as well as  the transportation it takes to Reach the Canyons. I think it  shows that  kinda sense  of  reaching the end of a journey  with the dust  kicking up  off their heels and clouds  in the distance as another horde of tourist are taken to the site  they have traveled so far to see.

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