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Culinary Skills on Display

October 4, 2015
Culinary Skills on Display Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

Culinary Skills on Display Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

Walking thru  multiple hallways of Stores in  the Venetian I passed A Bakery that had a Huge paned window.  When you looked  thru  you could see  two bakers  preparing all the confection for the display cases in the store.  This  is one  job I don’t know if I could do, I am very easily distract so I feel like I would constantly be  turning to look what  happening on the casino side of the window.  Not to mention  it would make me feel very self-conscious to have people watching me do my job all day.  But  it was nice that there was a couple of them back there so at least you would be able to talk to the other person so  it could keep your mind off of it.

I picked this one out because I liked the framing the window pane created  and adds a real pop of color in to the over-all white tone of this picture. I wish  I could have  gotten a little more energetic action to  really animate the shot  but she was just spatulaing the cake from one sheet pan to another, not juggling them and  it felt cruel  to wish she would drop one just to get some  action for the shot

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