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Its Show Time: AfroBats

September 7, 2015
Stop The Show

Stop the Show Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

The Other Day I went out to finally Test the brand new Camera I bought (which I will talk about in a later post). I walked over to Central Park and I came across a street Performance and decided to sit down and watch. it was the typical acrobat/Bboy  show for NY.  This Group was the Afro-bats  and they were at the end  of the long row of trees  in the plaza right before the Fountain in Central park.

Like most acts the crowd started small as  they announced Show time,  They had people shuffle close to the line  of the performance area and I sat right on the edge of the line drawn on the pavement.

Balance Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

Balance Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

The Warm up started with straight Bboy moves, hand stands, windmills, and some fancy Foot work, each performer seeming to have his specialty of moves and tricks to perform.

Come'n Atcha Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

Come’n Atcha Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

Flipped Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

Flipped Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

As each member Finished they went into more acrobatic  stunts such as tumbling runs (seen above) or tricks with multiple Members all climaxing by jumping over 4 grown men that they pull randomly from the people watching.  If you walk around New York  you are bound  to see one of these acts in the park or scaled down performances on the streets.  even though I have seen it dozens of times I always enjoy watching. If I stay a while or take pictures  I always tips as I would encourage you to do if you feel entertained by the act.  However this  time I actually found that was one of the turn off to this act for me.

The Sass Off Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

The Sass Off Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

Giving Sass Back Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

Giving Sass Back Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

Return of the Sass Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

Return of the Sass Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

Over all I would give them 3 out of 5 stars  They did all the key tricks and did a number of jokes,  but for me it didn’t feel as on point as some of the other acts I have seen in the city.  The timing on their jokes was a bit off and they could have gotten a better laugh and response  from the size audience  they had. I honestly I would  have said 4 out of 5  b/c it was a really good show  but at the end they are building to, where they jump over a bunch of people usually  4 or 5, this group choose  ummm I’d say about 11 people and I though ok that’s  not possible.  so the man  jumps over the single girl no problem (seen Below).  but after that they  start preparing for the multiple people jump by collect money from the audience  which  I understand b/c like they say they will jump and every one will leave  so they start collecting  and they  do this thing where they shout  out big  tips and where the people are from. This is where the money on these shows can be made b/c if they make it seem like a big deal or really fun to be call out  and rep your area, just makeing people want to be a part of it. They usually they tell jokes with every donation about the country that donated  that make it even more fun.  The Afro Bats did all of that and like I said  the joke were a bit off I think it could have been even better and they would have made more

After that however they say well  every one has  paid  but the people we are jumping over.  Usually in the acts I have seen  they make this a joke and if one of them donates  great,  but in this act they pull all 11 people out of line one at a time and say  20  your good 100 you can leave  and  its  hard to explain  but they  put them very much on the spot and it felt very forced  that they had to give  20  and as they donated  they edited down to the 4 people they really wanted to jump over.  I just was not a fan of this kinda forced donation  I feel you should  encourage  people to donate  by putting on a great show.  That  being said  I understand they are doing this to make money and it did provided  one of the better  moments of the show.

when  the girl they jumped  over  didn’t have 20 and they went in to the audience  to harass her BF  for the money.  when he paid he  pick  the girl up in his arms and  carried her out which caught me so off guard I didn’t lift my camera till there was too much of a crowd in the way.

So over all 3 out of 5, if you have a chance to see them in central  park Its worth a watch and a few dollars when they entertain you

The Jump Copyright 2015 Bryan Moore

The Jump Copyright 2015 Bryan Moor

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