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May 30, 2013
A Block Copyright 2013 Bryan Moore

A Block Copyright 2013 Bryan Moore

This Cinder Block is  one of the out take  shots  from the collection I will be  showing in September “Introuvable”.  Intouvable is a collection that was all shot at night in NYC from 11pm to 4am.  While I was shooting the collection I tried to make it to as many parts of NY as I could.  The shot above  is of a cinder block  I found in Prospect Park Brooklyn around 12  or one in the morning.  while I was walking around I had  see a single tree lit  up  in the black sea  of  wooded park and  it  just drew me in to photograph it.  when I got closer to the tree I saw there was this cinder block sitting close by to it.

When I am out shooting on the street  one  rule I have  just  for my self is  not  editing or changing the scene I am  shooting so  if I photographing a street scene  and a  plastic bag  or  some  piece of trash is  laying in the side walk  I don’t  go and  remove it   before I take my shot  to make  sure it is  pristine and the way I want it.  To me that is not real life, and capturing the beautiful moments of real life is  what I love the most.  So in this case when I came to the tree that i had seen from yards away and saw the cinder block,  I could have easily  picked it up and tossed it out of  frame  instead  it was  left  in the shot with the tree, and ended up with a close up its self.

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