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Change in the Click of A Shutter

April 1, 2011


On the Corner Copyright 2011 Bryan Moore

On the Corner Copyright 2011 Bryan Moore

Photographing people I think has always been the most interesting thing for me,  I feel like every thing else has been photographed before  but in most cases people are completely different and will react to you different, creating something really new.  I usually prefer to try and capture life as it is as if I was not there just life as it is on the street.  To accomplish this I usually trying and be as subtle as I can when approaching a scene.  but  not every time is gonna go as planed and this picture was one that caused the biggest issue I have ever had in photographing.


I had been walking through Harlem, 125th Street. and as I reached the end of the block the turned red so I was waiting on the corner and noticed  this guy standing there,  I am not sure what he was doing  but  he seemed really natural in the way he was leaning again the steel siding of the building.   I turned back towards the street and made the adjust for focal length and exposure, then slowly turned around like I was unsure which direction I was going.  When I was turn in his direction I clicked the shutter, and tried to move on.  However Hasselbalds have a loud shutter clack and the man heard it and right away came walking over to me.  He didn’t waste any time in getting right in my face about how  I can’t just take his picture with out permission.  Although it is well in my rights to photograph him on a public street, people never seem to understand that when  you try to explain it to them.  the guy was yelling at me for a while i seemed  although it might have been more like a minute.  As it went on he start telling me I was only up there taking picture of him and Harlem to perpetuate  stereo types about black people in Harlem.

I didn’t even know what to do at this point  the guy seemed like he was on the verge of kicking my ass when  I saw a lady start walking towards  us, after she heard him yelling at me.   I though oh  good some one to come help get this under control or at least  enough so I can get out of there.  I was mistaken how ever because when she got there she was  on his side and  was telling me I needed to have a release form  if I was  going to photo graph some one.  Again I try to explain  to her that i only need a release form if I plan to sell the image to some one  for profit which I never had the intention to do.  Again she failed to believe me  but  at the least it filter the guy out of the conversation a little bit and after a short time I found a gap in there accusations  to just walk away.  As i said this is the worst confintantion i have had from taking a photo  and the strange thing is I had another really bad one the week after from a guy  that literally just happened to walk in to frame as i took the pic.  and in both these cases I can say the picture was not worth it.

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