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Still Kick’n

January 20, 2011


Still Kick'n Copyright 2011 Bryan Moore

Still Kick'n Copyright 2011 Bryan Moore

This Photo was taken On New Years  just off on a side street in Times Square.  I had been walking through the trash covered streets shortly after the ball dropped and as I worked my way  closer to 42nd and Broadway  I had walked down this side street to get around some police barricades.  As i walked down the street  I saw this man laying on top of this dumpster and I can only assume he was three sheets to the wind, as he banged his feet over and over again against the side of the container.  From where I was standing I could barely see him over the trash on top  and I was not sure how this picture would turn out.  Since I have a waist level view finder  what I can see from my height is very different  from what I see through the camera.  When I looked through the glass all you could see where his legs dangling over the edge,  I set up my tripod and just took a quick frame of it, b/c its not often you see some one sleeping on a dumpster in time square.   It turn out I ended up like the shot alot more than I thought,  theirs just enough of the person to see his legs swinging back and forth with an added bit of motion from the extended time  of the shutter.


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