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Cloud Makers

December 22, 2010


Abstraction of Pattern Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Abstraction of Pattern Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore


when I was growing up outside of Detroit every so often I would ride with my mom to pick up my dad at work.  we would wait in the car in the parking lot and as we sat there, there was two large ventilation pipes  on the side of the building  that billowed out a stream and what ever else.  Just being a curious kid I asked my mom what they were and she told me they were cloud makers, and its some thing I always think of when I see tubes pumping out artificial Clouds.

This picture was taken one night while I was out walking and this long striped tube was capping an open manhole.  it was a cold night and it let out a huge stream of hot air from under the city.   it let out so much  it almost created ts own fog in the area.  I stayed and photographed this tube for probably an our.  Most of the shots were from a farther distant  and the one I liked best ended up in my new book “Introuvable”.  I staid at this one spot for so long b/c I was waiting for smoke to come out of the tube right which ment waiting for a slight wind so it showed something and not others.  this was one of the cases where the wait was worth it, and besides the shot in the book this one is also a good  but in a more abstract way.  for me it becomes more about the patterns and how they fill the space  of the frame

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