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The Glow Around Bryant Park

December 6, 2010


Empire Park Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Empire Park Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore


This was another image that was left on the cutting room floor  when I was editing my book “Introuvable“.  Although this image didn’t make it in the book 5 other pictures  from this same night did make it in.   I remember this night well  it was  rain after a rain and it was still misty and foggy out.  I had walked from my apartment to the plaza  hotel.  The door man didn’t seem to like that i was photographing the front door  and I quickly moved on down broadway  towards time square.  As I walked down the side walk  I was just looking around  and looked up to see a pillar of smoke  coming from a  window about 20+ stories up  on a large building. before I had walked even a block further the sounds of sirens could be heard and soon the strobe like flash of emergency vehicles  could be seen down the street.   I looked up at the smoke as I got to the block the building was on,  it was too far away and too dark for  a picture to be of any interest  but I did stay and just watch as the fire men arrived and stormed in the building.   I soon departed onward to time square.  time square its self was rather dull  and I  decided   to head in the general direction of home.

Stopping on the corner of 42nd street I took this picture  looking back at the empire state building.  I like this picture  I think it would look nice matted and framed on some ones wall  but in the flow of the book the picture didn’t seem to have a strong enough focus in it, your eye wonder around  the frame.  While I was  taking this picture though I looked down the street o the east and saw the Chrysler building with the same soft glow and walking in that direction I found a hand full of other pictures that were great additions to the collection

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