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Out on a Limb

November 19, 2010


Out on a Limb Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Out on a Limb Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

As I talked about in my last post and others, I have been playing around with the idea of Abstract photography, and have been using buildings trees and sky as subject matter.  I had spent a  day walking around just looking for anything of interest  and  after getting the roll developed  all the shots ended up  being of tree or at the least a sky ward view.  This is the photo that really caught my eye on the sheet and for me is a successful  abstract photo.  The one problem I have with  abstract photograph is that photograph is so reality based its hard to depict something that  doesn’t make it look like its self.  Although  this can still be identified  as a tree I don’t feel that is the first response to the image  due to the angel of the Branch and the random pattern of the leafs covering the sky  which adds alot of texture to that area of the image.  I have been photographing  combination of sky and tree for a year or so now when  i happen to see them,  but it was interesting to hear Bruce Davidson say it was a point of interest for him as well at a recent lecture I attended.  Lets hope great minds think alike


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