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Where’s my bat, Its time to Celebrate

November 2, 2010
Frankenstein Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Frankenstein Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Recently I went down  near Atlantic City  to attend the a Birthday costume party for a close friends 2 year old daughter.  The party was set in there back yard  under a large tent.  It was a beautiful setting which I took about a roll of film just of the surrounding area.  The party had all the usall marking including a beautiful hand crafted cake, presents and a pinata or two.

When ever I see a  pinata  it reminds me  of one of my early birthdays.  My mom loves arts and crafts and the first year that we lived over seas she had read how to make a pinata.  so she made one out of paper ma shay.  The day of my birthday party came and me and all my friends took turns swing at  the pinata  but no matter how hard  we hit it  it didn’t even crack.  My dad even gave it a swing or two with no avail.  Finally  we had to get out a hack saw and cut it open, and poor the candy out in to a heap.

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