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The Land of Opportunity

August 12, 2010
Amber Waves of Grain Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Amber Waves of Grain Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

When I first started taking pictures I was always told if I wanted to be a great photographer I should carry my camera with me all the time.  As a high school student it seemed very impracticable to carry my SLR with my every where I went.  But now a days every  thing is Also a camera  so  there is always some thing to capture what you see.  Although in my case I carry one around to get better at taking pictures but I feel with the amount of images created now a days it almost devalues images in general.  millions  of images are taken and uploaded to social media sites every day, to be viewed in the moment  only to be replaced by a newer moment tomorrow or even later that day.  Although I don’t like that almost every thing is captured on film now I do often use my iphone  to capture scenes that captivate me.   walking to work or am out at the bar with friends, you never know when you will see some thing

I took this Picture with My Iphone while attending a Party on a roof in midtown.  The Party was hosted by Clifton Charles, designer of a custom line of dress shirts.  The roof of this building was the best it have been on in Ny  so far  it was set up for use with  nice stone flooring and seating areas with well-kept plant life.  You could see the empire state building and the Chrysler building and was high enough to see a distance in all directions.   thank you  to Adrienne for invite me to this wonderful one year celebration

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