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As Tall as an Elephants Eye

August 6, 2010
As tall as an Elephants Eye Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

As tall as an Elephants Eye Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

I have a few more images from my trip to turkey to post  but after them I will be Scanning and post images  from  when I first  took up photography.  These pictures carry alot of emotional value to me because they are almost land marks  of my steps to where my art began,  being so Important Real Print are often owned by some of my closest friends.  When I first started photographing I would spend alot of time in the lab printing, to make sure I  got the best picture from every frame.  these prints were often  turned in to class graded and given back. Once they were grade I was already on to next weeks assignment  and the newest picture.  If any one ever expressed interest in a print  or I thought it would like it i would send it to them.

The picture above is one I took during my freshman year at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  I had walked down to the zoo to see it with some friends  as we walked around I photographed the different animal  and  my friends joking around outside various cages. When we got to the elephant area I saw this little boy  perched up  on the rails  to get a better view.  What makes it even better is the adults with easy vantage points on either side of him.  As soon as I saw this picture on the contact sheet I know it was perfect for my Friend Cassie (now a Interior Designer in FL).  I wanted to post this Image and wish her a Happy Birthday today.

This Picture was important to me because  it was when I started learning how to break rules in an appealing way.  A week before I went to the zoo  I had been working in the lab printing when the school’s photo journalist teacher came in with a class to give a critique.  I continued to print while listening to them review each others prints.  The teacher was speaking to one of them about how if you want to do photo journalism  you can’t photograph people from behind you need  to connect with the subject  and allow that connect to befit you photos.   The next week while I was in the lab the same teacher came in to conduct class again.  Once  class was over I stopped him to talk to him about what I had over heard the previous week and showed him this image.  He was surprised to learn I was a freshman  and told me that this image was a great example of their being no rules  because even though you can’t see the boys face  he rates as every boy,  and every one can relate to wanting to be bigger  as a little kid.  If you follow my blog you will see this is a concept an idea I use alot in my photography  and this photo was a significant in to help forming that in my style


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