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Profile of a Focused Hunter

August 1, 2010
Profile of a Focus Hunter Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Profile of a Focus Hunter Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

One thing I always seem to notice in my recent foreign travels  is  the stray that roam the streets,  in search of food or a kind hand.  It interest me because in the last  few cities I have lived in I don’t really see stray animals.  I can’t really remember any  in Detroit  or Pittsburgh although I am sure there most have been  some stray cats some where.  In New York you  can find feral cats  in parts  of Brooklyn and Queens, and you will see a cat roaming around a Bodega some times.  I have never really been sure if those were just strays or if the people at the store own them,  it would make sense of if it were the latter but  in Cuba  I saw animals  that people would call them over to feed them  or play with them but the family didn’t own them  they were more like community pets.  In Turkey the animals seemed to congregate in the parks   I saw I number of benches with cats lining them sleeping on there paws.  The one pictured above was perked on a ledge  in a little side alley watching the people walk down the main Blvd.

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