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Asleep at the Dial

July 24, 2010
Asleep at the Dial Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Asleep at the Dial Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

From Catching the train to riding the train.  This shot was taken at the end of the same day as the last one.  I had seen all the sight for that day and had caught the tram to take back to my Hotel.  It was very crowded just  like the NY Subway with every one packed together with a  concentration around the doors to the tram.   originally I was trying to photograph a girl that was sitting near me  but my camera wouldn’t focus that closely  so I ended up noticing this man that was actually sitting across the train.  I watched him the whole ride as the people swayed back and forth between us.  I had a guess about the distance so set my camera up and held down at hip level and stared down through the view finder till just the right moment when the two or three people standing between us happen to all move the right direction so I could have a clear lne of sight to  have the frame just be this man on his phone adn the man sitting next to him.

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