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Bisecting Angle

July 11, 2010
Bisecting Angle Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Bisecting Angle Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Last post I talked about using framing to contain the viewers eye from floating off in to negative space, and liek any good artist  this post I will talk about  just the opposite.    here the minerate juts in to the negative space of the sky but the viewer isn’t taken away from the image.  People will say art is about breaking the rules, but its really more about understanding principles of how people look at things.  If you ever attend any art school you will be required to take a drawing class or a fundimentals class that will most likely be primarily drawing.  One of the most important thing they will teach you in drawing is the power of a single line.  Peoples eyes will Travel along a straight strong line.  The roof line of the mosque in the photo above creats a very strong line that is reinforced bythe parelle line of decrotive tiles.  The other pinciple that plays an effect in this image is  contrast and the balance of black & white.  The eye is naturally drawn to light, or hot spots the most prominent here being the wall and spire of the mosque.  This adds even more weight to the strong line in the image and liek the stone its made of it weights the eye down to this part of the image.  Contrast also holds your eye to the spire instead of floating off in to space.  In my last post the sky and spire were similar in shade so you could easy get lost in the sky, here the spire is much lighter holding your eye more than the dark field of the sky.  Enough of principles of art though tomorrows post will be more cultural based

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