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Ohhhhhhh Amerrrrrr…..ica

February 19, 2010
arranged freedom Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

arranged freedom Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Well I have been away from my blog for a while now, and I thought it was  about time I get back in the swing.    I have been occupping my self with a verity of things the for most of being apply  to becoming a member of the elite photo group  Magnum.   while sorting through all my images I have had the Olympics on in the background.  I have always loved the  Olympics, and yesterday was one  of my favorite winter athletes, Shaun White.    White performance in the half pipe was amazing, and crushed the competitors to the point he didn’t even need to take all his runs.  Shauns gold is only one of many Olympic triumphs  these games, and each one is an inspiration to strive to be the best at what ever you do.

I often envy alot of other people in the opportunities they have and the talents they have.  It must be the most amazing feeling to  compete with the best in the world, and  with the whole world watching.  To be the one that claims gold not only to validate the sacrifices  you have made  over the years but  to be at the top of the podium while they raise the flag for your country and play the anthem.   To hear the anthem play  and know you are the best  to know you represented your country as the best  I don’t think there could be a more proud moment.

Good luck to all the athletes involved

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