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Home is where you make it

January 26, 2010
Cardboard Bed Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Cardboard Bed Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Last night I was in a restless state again and went for a midnight walk.  when ever I take when of these walks during the week I am usually alone for the most part on the street and  as I make my way up and down the avenues  I will see places homeless people have chosen to lay for the night. the above image is a spot I have seen on many occasions used for a place to sleep.   At this spot n the street  one of the stores set back in from the rest of the ones on the street creating  a spot to sleep that is not in the middle of the side-walk.   The spot most be claimed by a certain person b/c it usually has a makeshift cardboard fort  built-in it to shelter its occupants from the elements.

Last night I decided to walk through Grand central station and whether it be homeless people or exhausted travelers but people had found places to lay their head.  One man had fallen a sleep standing up  leaning against a phone booth.  another was laying on their coat in front of a kiosk.  as I continued my way back home I noticed more people than usual curled up on ledges and side streets along the street.   although it’s a sad thought  to think of some one having to sleep on the streets  it made me wonder what their life was like.  what are the unspoken rules of the street?  what are the tricks of the trade to survive   life-like that?  I have always wanted to do a project about the people on the street and their way of life.   One of the things  to consider in a projet is interviewing  those people b/c no one can tell you about the street like some one who is living it.  My question for all the people who read my blog is what  do you want to know?  what have you wondered when you see people in a less fortunate situation?  For example one of the things I have always wondered is  the people who pan handle  on the street  how much do they actually make doing that  what is their daily budget to live on.

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