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Inspired by a Master: Piet Mondriaan

January 20, 2010
Painting by Piet Mondriaan

Painting by Piet Mondria

Nike Shoe inspired by Piet Mondrian

Nike Shoe inspired by Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian is a dutch painter who became famous for his work in  the early part of the 1900.  His work  Has Inspired many to  copy his style  or put his simple idea  in to use in there own product.  Working in the De Stijl style  his painting idea was to take abstraction to a form where  you were painting things using forms that didn’t represent the subject at all.  Most of his paintings from this era are  white canvases with bold black grid lines create boxes filled with primary colors.  The images are based on bring harmony  with in the image  using just  simple vertical line and basic colors.  this of course  made it easy for other  to recreate the style for there own function.    I am often asked  Oh why are artist like Mondrian and pollack famous  any one could make painting like that,  and I will agree I think there is a lot of art in galleries  and things that is not art and deserves no attention.  but in the case of Mondrian and pollack  they were both  great painters  before they switched to the simplistic styles.  and they switched to the way they paint not b/c it was easy or  they were bad painters they switched the way they painted b/c that style fit the way they wanted to represent the world at the time.

I have wrote several post about artist that inspire me.  When I say inspire me though  I mean I see images that I have taken that seem to be done in their style.  I don’t go out there and look  for scenes that would be like other artist, but I do always go to museums and galleries to see what other artist do and why there work is good or not good.  In this case I was shooting  for my new Collection “Introuvable” and   photographed a retaining wall on the west coast highway.  After developing  the film  the lines in the concrete and the boxes it makes really reminded me of Mondrian‘s work.

banana peel Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

banana peel Copyright 2010 Bryan Moore

Inspired by a Master: Diane Arbus

Inspired by a Master: Richard Avedon

Inspired by a Master: Alex Katz

Inspired by a Master: Helen Frankenthaler

Inspired by a Master: Duane Michals

Inspired by a Master: The Bechers

Inspired by a Master: Hiroshi Sugimoto

Inspired by a Master: Charles Demuth


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