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Indian Giver?

December 16, 2009
Carpet Market Copyright 2009 Bryan Moore

Carpet Market Copyright 2009 Bryan Moore

One of the most well known parts of the Tolkuchka Bazaar is the Carpet section.  Turkmenistan  is famous for there carpets  so much so that there countries flag is emblazoned with carpet  patterns.  As famous as there carpets are  you might not have heard of them.  For years Turkmenistan carpets have  been exported and sold in other countries under the label of Bukhara carpets.  When  I spoke with my tour guide about what were the most important  things to tell people when I came back to show my images was 1. that this market was a Major stop on the silk road  and 2. That those carpets are not Bukhara carpets they are Turkmen carpets.  He said since they have become an independent nation the country has worked to change this so there country can take credit for these amazing carpets.

As amazing as the Carpets are they are also one of the more difficult things  to take out of the country.  Since they take so much pride in there carpets they are trying to keep the older ones  that have more historical value in the country.  This makes it difficult for buyers because while you are at the Bazaar vendors  will  be asking you left and right to purchase there goods and  if you do find one you like  they will tell you ” Oh its ok you won’t have any problem getting it out of the country.  But like sellers every where in the world they don’t care if you get it out of the country or not they just want to  make a sale.  To actually get a carpet out of the country you must take the carpet  to the carpet museum  in the capital Ashgabat.  Once you take the carpet there  they have to approve that it is a newer carpet and  will give you the paper work to take it out of the country.  If they do not approve carpet, it will be taken  away from you  and you will be out  alot of money

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  1. December 29, 2009 5:37 pm

    Also it should be noted that it is better not to try to export antique turkmen carpets from the country. For this could be imprisoned for a long time.


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