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Joining the exhibit

September 20, 2009
The Camera Man Copyright 2009 Bryan Moore

The Camera Man Copyright 2009 Bryan Moore

This coming Wednesday will be the Opening of Art Prize, where I will be showing my collection “The Faces of New York“.  The exhibit, displays over 100 street portraits,  that wrap around the gallery space.  This is one of the largest spaces I have had to work with so I decided to take full advantage of all of it.  One addition to just the photo work I have done, is to have space for viewers to become part of exhibit themself.

Using the drywall on one side of the gallery I created a similar backdrop to the truck I used to shoot against in my portraits.  Using this space viewers can photograph them selfs or friends  to create there own portraits.  I have set up a website online to show all the portraits that are sent in during the weeks of Art Prize.  That gallery can be viewed at

For all of those who plan to go to Art Prize I will be photographing people  on this part of the wall  on Saturday the 26th.  An Event has been put up on Facebook with the details.

I hope everyone can make it out  or if you can’t pass  the word along to some one  you know that might be able to.  You are gaenteed to see some great art and you are the one that desides what is best in show.

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