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The other side of the Tracks

August 22, 2009
The other side of the tracks Copyright 2009 Bryan Moore

The other side of the tracks Copyright 2009 Bryan Moore

This shot is from West 4th Street subway station.  For those that have not been to NY the subway stations are all  set up different and have unique characteristics, but there are basically two general lay outs  one is where the train pulls in to a single  track that is only going up town or down town and some where above ground there is another stairwell to the opposite direction.  the other layout is where you can see the opposite direction platform from yours  with just rails and support beams in between.  the latter  is my favorite I love looking across the tracks to the people on the opposite side  waiting for there train.For me I feel like it is just a stage to watch and  it is so nicely framed with steal support.  I just sit and watch as all sorts of characters walk through  and put on there show.

Switching trains is one of the biggest pains in NY and people will go to lengths to try and avoid taking multiple trains.  I am one of those people, but while waiting for a train a few weeks ago I saw a true  act on the stage (platform) across from me.  It was about 11:30 at night and I was watching a couple talk and make random dance moves on the other side.  I had come to the conclusion that they were dancers coming back from a late night at a studio or something.  The reason I say that is they seemed to be practice out a routine  or at least the basic movements  of it.  watching them was so interesting and I was in for a surprise when I picked up my camera  I switched to video and they had just started to practice the whole routine.  It was a ballroom dance of some kind and entered and left the frame of my stage as though I was on broad way.  It was about 10 mins when they noticed me filming it and as they both turn to look at me the dance stops and they exit stage right.

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