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The Show Must Go On

July 27, 2009
     Portrait taken on the streets of NY Copyright 2002 Bryan Moore

Portrait taken on the streets of NY Copyright 2002 Bryan Moore

This Picture is from the first large collection I produced when I moved to NY.  The first two years of college I spent at a very technical school where they told you what to shoot and how to shoot it for the most part.  This benefited me allot in technical knowledge,  but added a hurdle when I moved to NY.  When I started attending Parson school of Design, My first photo class was a seminar class where  you meet with the class and propose a project  to shoot the entire semester  and present at the end.  when I first started the class I felt so over whelmed I had no idea what to shoot when given the option of any thing.  For the next week I asked all the people I knew what they thought I should, hopping  to make it more like  my old school where I was told what to shoot.  I heard some interesting ideas but nothing I felt confident  would impress every one at new school.

Its interesting how a project can develop over time, this project started as a project about how  how no one is really an outsider  your only an outsider when compared to people out side of your circle.  A guy  dressed  totally  in punk clothing  may seem like a total outsider if he was seen walking around wall street and compared to all the suits, but if he was at hebie jebbies  he would be completely normal.  As i started shooting this project and showing  parts to my class mates it evolved  quickly in a few weeks to the portrait you see above.

The project became more about public identity,  In NY every one tries to stand out as some one unique but when places among a million other people comparisons  can’t help but be made.  In my attempt to show people as they appear in public with there own personal identity, I  stood out side  next to a van that was parked at a flea market every weekend.  Every one that walked by I would ask them if I could take there picture, every one that agreed had one frame to pose any way they wanted in front of them van.  I did this so there public identity would show more.  If I would have posed them or if I would have used more frames on each person, the picture would have been more about what I thought of the person or my 5 min relation ship between them.

As you look at the portrait its all about that person and how there there own person but when seen with all the portraits, viewers start to form groups.  You might compare this guy to the pictures right next to him or group him with  all the other portraits with people wearing hats, or people that didn’t smile, but as a whole they can be grouped as New Yorkers.

I posted this picture because I have just recently reached an agreement to show this entire project in a competition in Grand Rapids MI.  called There are over 100 portraits in the collection which will be hanging at Divani Bar and Photography room from Sept. 23 – Oct. 10 I hope every one that is close enough to go will  I would appercate the vote  as best in show.


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