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A Subway Story

July 9, 2009
E train NYC  Copyright 2009 Bryan Moore

E train NYC Copyright 2009 Bryan Moore

I usally walk every where I go in NY so when I take the subway I probably find it more of an experience than daily strap hangers.  One thing is for sure though every New Yorker has a subway story.  It could be some thing good or bad  simply shocking or full out disgusting.  I feel that I have a couple and i will try and post about them coming up  but for today I will go with shocking.

It was  in the middle of Jan. and winter was in full effect. I had gotten on the E train home b/c my feet were frozen to the bone.  Getting on the train  I sat down at one end with the rest of the car sparsely populated  with less people in the middle due to a homeless man that was jabbering to him self.  as the train rattled down the track the man started stripping off all his clothes  and over the next few stops removed them all and putt back on and than repeated the process.  Getting down to nothing but his socks and shoes  for the second time the train came to a halt and he just walked off butt naked in the dead of winter.  I was very shocked at the whole display  but felt bad when I thought of the guy  out in the snow after leaving all this clothes on the train.

If you have a story you want to share  please feel free to comment and tell us what happened to you while riding the rails.

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