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when the horns rang out

April 17, 2009
modified bike NYC Copyright 2009 Bryan Moore

modified bike NYC Copyright 2009 Bryan Moore

I have been told on and off the blog that people really liked  the door bell photograph so I figured if people like alot of doorbells then  they must like alot of horns, and who am I to not show alot of horns. lol   so this picture was taken in central park, and if you are ever in New York City I would say deffantly come to central park  it  is one of the most beautiful things in the city.  The park is even more appercated the longer you are in the city.  I consider my self  a city person but being surrounded by enormous building 24/7 can be over whelming after a peroid, so it is nice to go to central park and in a way get away from the city.  there are parts of the park where  you can can’t even see the city or at least appear to be miles away.  This bike was parked  in one of my favorite parts of the park. the bike its self looked like the person life put on wheels with things straped to all parts of it.  but by far the most interesting was the collection of horns that they tied to the front.

There life is on the move and every one will know as the horns ring out

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