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The dirty D

March 23, 2009


near the Ford Rouge factory Detroit Copy right Bryan Moore

near the Ford Rouge factory Detroit Copy right Bryan Moore

I have called alot of places home but Detroit is where I always claim as my home.  I give alot of credit to the time I spent living there  to the way I take pictures now.  After my first few years of doing photography I really stuggled with subject matter.  I felt that to have a good picture you had to take a picture of something interesting and now that I had learned to take pictures I longed to travel  to distant countries as I did as I child with my family.  Surly if I traveled to different countries  it would be easy to take pics b/c every thing would be new and different.  That was not the case though I was going to school in the widwest and couldn’t afford to travel any where.  Discouraged  I spoke with an old teacher (Mr. Nordrum)  who had instilled alot of the fundimentals in me.  I shared my concerns with him about wanting to photograph more interesting things.  Lifting the glass on his desk top he pulled a book mark sized paper out from under it and handed it to me.    He told me its not about seeing new things its about seeing life with new eyes.  I feel this is one of the staples behind  my work and why I love photographing Detroit.  when you look at it it is very run down and can look like a place that you roll up  your windows and lock your doors just to drive through.  but if you really look  at it  it is a beautiful city.  for the next few days I will be posting images of detroit

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